"SAMS Canada has three aims: To help Canadian Anglicans gain insight into mission; enable those whom God is calling to mission service in Latin America; and more recently, support indigenous laity/pastors."

Latest News from Latin America and SAMS Canada

"The experience and the friends we made will forever be in our hearts ..."
Rose Steeves, member of a Short Term Team from New Brunswick, shares about a recent trip to Coxen Hole, Roatan, where the team was involved in a VBS, providing supplies, and working on Emmanuel Church roof (March 2016). To read more, Click Here
Busy Times in Roatan: Kara and Nelson Mejia at work
Follow what Tracey Larter discovered when she visited the Mejias earlier this year. To read more, Click Here.
The Smiths share their mission story in Alberta
In late January, Russ and Heidi Smith (along with their daughter, Jocelyn) were pleased to spend the first week of their North American speaking engagements in Alberta visiting with several parish groups and former mission partners, Tim and Peti Webster. To read more, Click Here
Planning well underway for April 4th start up at Centro Yachal (Youth Centre), Chile
Lucila and other helpers at Centro Yachal have been busy planning children's activities as they soon start up a new year (see March 2016). To read more, Click Here

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Through SAMS Canada, you and/or your church can:


• Help see the bigger picture of mission in Latin America
• Keep in touch with and pray for the needs and priorities of our priority Dioceses (Belize, Honduras, Chile & Peru) 
• Follow and pray for mission partners and projects
• Explore potential ways to serve the Anglican Church in Latin America
• Receive help with planning and training your short term team  


Please do explore how our Lord is making use of Canadian Anglicans ...and pray for the mission of the Church.  We look forward to hearing from you!